What Can I Expect…..

What to expect from an appointment at Loxwood Clinic

Once you have made an appointment your initial consultation will consist of a full medical history and a postural assessment will be taken. Next, if anything needs to be done to determine a problem we will go through the relevant tests.

Once we have determined what the problem is we will then go through what areas need to be treated. After any treatment you may be advised on certain home care and exercises that could help speed up the healing time or prevent further problems.

Occasionally people may experience clinical pain, which will feel different to the pain that you came in for and should only last 24-48 hours.
This is a positive affect of treatment and it is just your body’s way of readjusting itself and unwinding any previous trauma or imbalances.

It is hard to say how many treatments someone may need as everyone is different and some people heal quicker than others. Depending on the problem and the patient’s response a general guide is that the patient will notice a change after 3-6 treatments (each treatment tends to be every 5-7 days). As things improve treatments can be spaced further apart.

Once things have improved it is up to the patient whether they would like to carry out a further maintenance program.